Lu Jing

MDRT Financial Services Consultant

Lu Jing

MDRT Financial Services Consultant

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- Recruiting and grooming like minded ppl to join my team

- Financial Planning
- Million Dollar Round Table Member 2017, 2018
- Centurion Club Qualifier 2018
- Superstar Club 2015, 2016
- Million Dollar Club 2011, 2012, 2013

"No man is an island"

Since 2011, I've been helping friends and families with their financial planning. It's been a very fulfilling journey because of the many relationships that grown over the years.

I'm well versed in insurance and investment planning. Particularly, in the area of Retirement, Wills and Trusts and Estate Planning.

If you've queries concerning your current portfolio, I'm just a call away.

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    • AIA Singapore
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      MDRT , AIA Financial Health Check Practitioner

Wall of Trust

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The financial planner that cares

Hi You,



Meet someone interesting

Hi The next person out there,

Lujing & Team are friendly, helpful,professional & most important Trustworthy. I entrust my future in them.

Lim fang yuh


Have known Jimin since our NS days. He has been my financial planner for the past 10+ years. Excellent service and professional working attitude. My claim for my accident was handled beautifully and swiftly.

Known Lu Jing through Jimin. She has the same professional working attitude as Jimin (maybe that's why they are married). I am not worried as I know that all both of them will be looking after my future.


Meet Financial Planning Team

Hi You out there,

I got to know ji min through a Friend. My Friend who handled my Insurance had left aia and my Insurance was under the hand of someone whom I don't know. So, I approached my friend who introduce me to ji min. It is my pleasure to meet someone who is committed and takes good care of my portfolio.

I didn't know much about Insurance except that when I die, there will be a sum insured left for my family. Only until I met ji min and Lu Jing, I realised there is more to Insurance and it includes investment and savings plans.

Ji min and Lu Jing are quite responsive not only on weekdays but on weekends too. They updated me frequently and took their time off to meet me at my convenience.

Honest and trustworthy. Both ji min and Lu Jing have showed me these attributes.

Ji min and Lu jing tried to understand what I really need and gave their opinion/advice accordingly. They don't try to promote something which I don't need but instead something I want and need.


My financial advisor

Jimin and Lu Jing has been handling our policies since his protege days. We r glad to see him blossom through the years. From agent to a friend, we go to then when we have slightest worries on our claims and policies. They are always attentive, reachable and shows compassion to our needs. We hope with his new love, Lu Jing, in life, they will do much more for others. We see the importance of insurance and we hope they are able convince others that we need the help sometimes.

To our best insurance agents, Jimin&Lu Jing - Cheers!

Shannen & King





1. 我推荐每个人都做一年两次的Finance Health Check Review , 我们努力工作,但是很多人(比如我)对自己财务状况真的无知到优点可怕,吕静可以帮助你

2. 吕静她不仅仅在做AIA的顾问,更是她客户家庭梦想,财务健康的守护者。


Henna 薛慧

My Insurance Team

I met Jimin when we were serving our National Service. For the past 10 years, he has been a part of my journey from being a young working adult to starting my family. They has always come forward with great solutions for me and my family. Thank you 👍🏻. lu jing & Jimin is always very prompt in their service and very patient in explaining the policies and claims, ensuring that I know what I am being covered for. They are never pushy, always understanding and down to earth. Patient, fast, committed and professional


My Consultant

Hi You out there,

I was recommended to Lu Jing & Jimin by my cousin. Even though I was already an AIA customer at that time, my agent was not satisfactory. On the other hand, my cousin was getting an entirely different experience from their consultant. I decided to switch over and I have never looked back. Lu Jing - Jimin and his team's commitment to my financial well-being is simply exceptional. Having had several financial service consultants over the years, I can attest that he is wonderful in terms of client service and advice. Most of my family now has them as our consultant and we will continue to trust their team for the years ahead.

Yen-lyng Motion Element

My consultant

Got to know Jimin as he was my Secondary School mates. Subsequently, got intro to his wife Lu Jing! Jimin originally helped me plan on my Hospitalisation & Critical illness coverage around 8 years ago. Then as my profile changes over time, Jimin moved up to the management level and got Lu Jing to help me with my accident plan along with insurance plans for my new born!! Although we are friends, both Jimin and Lu Jing still gave me a very personalised service and treated me whole-heartedly as their Client. Their service have been excellent, very proactive. When it comes to claims, very very efficient!! I will highly recommend them to anyone who needs advice in insurance and financial planning!!


The Insuance Team

Execellent insurance service, never fail to response msg/email within mins. she provide advise and opinion based on what i really need, her patient and information will surprise you if you get to know her, as she is coming to help instead of sales. keep it up!


My financial consultant

My financial adviser Lujing and her team are excellent in their profession.

I used to buy insurance policies which I did not really know or understand how to maximise their benefits.

But when a friend of mine recommended Lu Jing and jimin to me with a word of her good experiences with them, I decided to contact them for a meet up.

From start, I found them not only humble, polite, understanding but also knowledgeable about insurance plans/policies that suit my needs and also my pocket.

I thank my friend for such recommendation as Lu Jing and jimin have provided me and my family excellent service with their profession that I have never been given by my last finiancia, advisers who just got a deal and did not care about me after that.

Now I realise that a good insurance policy is not good enough but most important is to have dedicated advisor like Lujing and jimin who help advise me throughout the process.

Jimin always advise me on how to maximise the benefit from my AIA policies whenever there is a need.

When I met with a few accident and needed to be hospitalised, Lu Jing and her team would always advise me on what I could be entitled for according to my accidental policy and riders. They are always patient with me and put their heart to follow up with me from start till I received my claim.

My experience with Lujing is always wonderful. She is very attentive to my needs and ensured that my needs are net as soon as possible despite on her tiring days. There were a few urgent needs for my travel insurance policy to be done due to my unexpected trips. She quickly took in my request and responded back swiftly. How impressive!! She also advise a few plans as a solution to my concerns on future financial arrangements. I can't be happier having both of them as my financial advisers.

Lu Jing and jimin, big thanks to both of you for suck added value in my life ;)

Even my husband who once against buying insurance policy has changed his mind and attitude towards having insurance policy after he experience the excellence of their profession.

I highly recommend jimin and Lujing to those who are looking for a good financial advisor .


Meet up

Hi Everybody,

Great service. Prompt responses. Client centric. Proactive.
Highly recommended.